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Home Lease Auction Registration
Retail Lease Auction Registration  E-mail

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Register Today to be eligible for the gift certificate for $1,500 at Wal-Mart awarded to the "Best Bidder" who leases, occupies, and pays rent on the space.

The best bidder/lessee understands and agrees that any "pre-registration" gift certificate incentive is offered by the owner/lessor, and that neither or (LLC) are responsible or liable for said gift certificate "pre-registration" incentives.  Furthermore, the bidder/lessee understands that any such gift certificate incentive must be made a part of the lease agreement executed between the owner/lessor and bidder/lessee in order to be binding.

The lessor of this property will not sell your information to any third party for ANY reason. Your information is safe, secure, and will be kept confidential.


Email Address: 

Phone #: 

What type of business do you plan on conducting in this space? 

Is this a “start-up” business or an existing business?

If an existing business, how long have you been in this business? 

Do you currently lease commercial space?

If yes to above, will you be relocating this operation to Frisco Station or opening an additional location?

Are you authorized to enter into a lease on behalf of this business?

If no to above, who else will need to approve a decision to lease space at Frisco Station? 

Will you physically attend the on-site property inspection the day of the auction or will you be bidding online?

Yes, I acknowledge and agree to the terms of the auction.


Please Note: We ONLY want qualified real estate lessees bidding on this property Since this is an online system, this registration is a highly important process so that individuals do not raise the lease auction rates with no real intent or ability to lease the space. This form is for the betterment of all potential retail lease auction bidder participants.


Brokers Welcome

Frisco Retail Lease Auction
Frisco Retail Lease Auction - Location Map
Satellite View - Location Map

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